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WinRoboCopy is a GUI front end for RoboCopy.

RoboCopy is a command line file copy utility for Windows. more info:

The main window:

Alternate (original) compact view is still available. Example: Compact View

The 'Name' dropdown at the top of the form is for saving RoboCopy settings for reuse. Using a 'Name' is optional.

   ... Saves the current RoboCopy settings as a RoboJob with the specified Name.

   ... Deletes the currently selected RoboJob.

   ... Clears all form fields.
   ... Opens the Scripts window. Example: Scripts

The next section is for specifying the various RoboCopy settings. All elements feature tool tips. All file and folder text boxes support drag-n-drop from Windows Explorer.

   ... Browse to a folder.

   ... Open the selected folder.


   ... Runs the RoboCopy job immediately.

   ... Stops a running RoboCopy job.

   ... Save the RoboCopy job to disk as a command file (for execution later).

   ... Schedule a RoboCopy job to run later in Windows Task Scheduler. Example: Schedule RoboCopy Job

The command section always shows the current RoboCopy command.

The progress bar area shows the current directory and file being copied. The progress bars display the current progress percentage for each item.

The log/output area shows all the RoboCopy output. This output is also logged to disk.

RoboCopy help can be viewed in a separate window.

The RoboCopy version you want to use can also be specified.

The RoboCopy location can also be overridden in a config file by creating a file named WinRoboCopy.exe.config in the same directory where WinRoboCopy.exe resides. The contents of the file should be as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<add key="RoboCopyLocationOverride" value="C:\RoboCopy\RoboCopy.exe" />

The path can also be a relative path.

Specifying the WinRoboCopyJobs.xml location

Normally the WinRoboCopyJobs.xml configuration file is stored in a location specific to the user. For example:


This location can be overridden by creating a file named WinRoboCopy.exe.config in the same directory where WinRoboCopy.exe resides. The contents of the file should be as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<add key="ConfigFolderOverride" value="C:\Temp\WinRoboCopy" />

The path can also be a relative path.


 Version      Setup  Revision  Date
1.2.5148.1756WinRoboCopy-Setup-20140204.zip384 2/4/2014 
1.2.4587.2115 WinRoboCopy-Setup-20120723.zip296 7/23/2012 
1.2.4482.39775   286 4/9/2012 
1.1.4462.41009 237 3/20/2012  1631/20/2012 
1.0.4387.26559 WinRoboCopy-Setup-20120105.zip1521/5/2012 148 11/9/2011 1088/10/2011 
1.0.4209.1288 87  7/11/2011
1.0.4149.399 32 5/12/2011
1.0.4139.5437 9 5/2/2011


Bug Fix: Exception on load.
Bug Fix: Null reference exception when saving job.
Bug Fix: Null reference exception when selecting job.


Bug Fix: Certain localized date formats resulted in failed attempts to schedule a copy.
Bug Fix: Rare format exception when building certain commands.


Added support for pre-RoboCopy and post-RoboCopy scripts.
Added highlighted output in the log window.
Added exception reporting.
Made version check multi-threaded.
Added RoboCopy location config override.
Fixed a network file parsing bug.


Added more RoboCopy options to the check box interface.
Added optional expanded display with full option descriptions.
Added 'Save as Command File' option.
Added 'Schedule RoboCopy Job For Later' option.
Added 'About' window.
Added 'Check For New Version' feature.
Added help link to web site help page.
Added PayPal donation link to main form.
Fixed bug detecting correct version of Portuguese.


Bug fix: Clear form button was not clearing the form.
Extra file and extra directory robocopy output lines were not being parsed.


Added ability to specify the WinRoboCopyJobs.xml location.
Improved handling of the WinRoboCopyJobs.xml by multiple instance.


Added a custom icon.
Fixed a divide by zero exception.
Improved exception handling.


Added limited support for French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.
Fixed a bug that could affect the parsing of the file progress percentages.


Fixed registry access error crash for non-administrators.
Added graceful error message box for unhandled exceptions.
Forces /TEE when manual RoboCopy log output is used (otherwise there is no output to parse).


Drag-dropped files sorted by file name.
Remove trailing slash when a path is quoted (caused a robocopy error).
Added clear form button.
Clear file and directory progress prior to starting a new robocopy.
Dropping files in the file box sets the from path.


Original Release.